Sunday, September 7, 2008

On Being Invisible

I think we all have days when we feel invisible. No one speaks to us or smiles at us or acknowledges that we exist. This ACEO that I painted, entitled "She Always Seemed to Fade into the Wallpaper" speaks to that. 

It is hurtful to be overlooked and ignored. In my own experience when I have reflected back on days when I felt invisible, I found that it was usually because I was not open to others for one reason or another. Maybe it was a bad hair day, hormones were acting up, had a disagreement with someone, or I was just preoccupied with myself for whatever reason. I believe that our emotions can be sensed by others and can either draw them into us or push us away.
Of course, there have also been those days when I was on top of the world and everyone else seemed to think I was in the pit. Those are the days it's really hard to understand why we go unnoticed. But I guess just the very fact that we notice that we are unnoticed speaks to our looking inward instead of outward. Those are the days when we need to go out of our way to be extra kind and generous to others and remember that God loves us even if no one else seems to!

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  1. I really like your ACEO. And yes, today, I was feeling invisible... maybe it was me.. not sure. Weird day. Tomorrow will be better. (It has to


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