Friday, September 12, 2008

Painting Again

It has been a long time since a paint brush has been in my hand. Well, other than to paint walls! I have done a few little ACEO's like the one in my post on being invisible, but other than that, I really can't say how long it has been since I seriously painted.

A couple of days ago, I felt the urge to pick up the brushes again but kept putting it off. Probably a part of me wasn't sure I still had it in me. Each time a painting is born from my creative effort, my reaction is always, "how did I do that?" When I am really inspired to paint, hours go by while I am completely lost in another world.

Well, on Wednesday I finally made myself go to my studio. I put paint on my palette, went through some of my sketches for inspiration and came across something I started about a year ago. The creative juices started flowing. I got a little work done on it and then had to quit to go to Bible study. That broke the spell and yesterday I never made it to my studio at all.

Today I had to go to the studio to get a package ready for shipping. I was compelled to pick up my brush again. I finished the painting and am very happy with the way it turned out. It is unlike anything I have ever done and is the first painting that I have done with a representation of Jesus. As I worked on it, it became evident to me that this was the betrayal.

I offer it here for your viewing and comments.


  1. Your new painting is WONDERFUL!! I love how the colors express the mood and the expressions on faces. Beautiful work. I'm so glad you picked up that brush.

  2. Thanks, Gina. That means a lot coming from you. I'glad I picked it up also!


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