Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PamperingBeki's 1000th Blog Post Giveaway!

I cannot imagine 1000 posts. It takes me a couple of days to get my Fingerprint Friday post ready. I think this is because I have not yet learned the art of pithiness (brief, direct and full of expression!) I seem to be in love with words and tend to use many, where only a few would do.

I've decided that a few of the reasons that I like to read PamperingBeki's blog are that her posts are usually pithy. She's not afraid of showing the good, the bad and the ugly side of her day to day life in very brief and quite often, humorous, posts and she has lots of photos! And we all love looking at the pictures, now don't we? The other thing I absolutely love about it, is that she's random...and being a bit on the A.D.D side, I absolutely adore totally fits with the way my mind works!

In honor of PamperingBeki's 1000th post, I thought I would try my hand at pithiness in my post about her giveaway. So here goes:

Yea! Congratulations PamperingBeki on 1000 posts! WOW!

This is a fabulous giveaway, people!

To see the lovely prize, click here.
To enter, click here.
Easy to enter, plus ways to earn extra chances to win!

There. Pithiness. I like it!


  1. What a lovely blog.

    I'm a children's writer and dog/animal lover. I haven't felt much like writing this week, but I've been blog walking.

    Please stop by for a visit sometime.

  2. Thanks Jan, I'll stop by soon! Please come back anytime!

  3. Finally made it by to catch up!
    I love the music, I think Traveling Light will be my new favorite!
    And, I like the phithiness, but, I think I like your wordy nature better and the beauty you weave through descriptions with word. (Oh, and the ADD randomness is the best;D)

  4. What nice things for you to say!! Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you and your playlist for reintroducing
    me to the theme music from "Angels in America".
    It is a remarkably beautiful and moving piece.
    I will continue to visit your site because I,
    too, like your wordy nature and descriptive


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