Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

If you aren't familiar with the story of the Star Spangled Banner, please take the time and listen...

...Happy 4th of July, Patriots...

There are so many things going wrong in our country this Independence Day. For today at least, I am trying to concentrate on only those things that are right about our country and I just pray that the freedoms that our forefathers desired for the citizens of this country and the freedoms that our men and women have fought for, for more than 233 years, will remain for our children and their children. I am thinking today of those freedoms and thanking God for them.

If you are spending part of your day visiting blogs, like I have been and you happened upon mine, I present for your viewing enjoyment, some backyard fireworks from last year's celebration at our house. They are small fireworks. We're only allowed the sparkly, small ones in Georgia. Just the right size to celebrate with a bit of noise and some nice pops and bangs and bit of color. I think the photos came out pretty good...they don't really look like they were only four or five feet off the ground, do they? I know. They do. But it's all I've got!

Happy Birthday, America!

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