Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does Your Family Trust You?

....enough to eat this bread?

Those who know me, know I love to make quick breads....breads without yeast that are sort of like "not too sweet" cake in a loaf banana nut bread for example. The only problem is that I am not satisfied in using tried and true recipes, I am alway tweaking and testing new ingredients. I have been looking for a base recipe for cherry bread but the only one I've found is made with maraschino cherries and they aren't my favorites.

So, I decided to make up my own this morning...cherry, pineapple, pecan bread. The only problem is that it turned out a sort of greenish purple color and fell in the middle. It looks poison, like one of the alien dishes served in Cafe World on Facebook...

I'm pretty sure I know why it ratio of wheat to white flour was off and I know how to fix that but what to do about the color? I think I mixed it too much after I added the cherries...and maybe I should use redder cherries...I used canned dark, sweet bing cherries. If I use redder cherries and then add the pineapple maybe I'll get sort of an orangey color instead of greenish purple... so back to the drawing board.

I must tell you that my husband truly trusts me because he didn't hesitate a second...he dove right in and loved it! He did agree that this was a bread for family...friends might not be that trusting. He also reminded me that this was not a failure, just the first step toward a successful cherry, pineapple bread...I love the way he thinks!

When I get it right, I'll be happy to share the recipe. I'm pretty sure you don't want this one!


  1. Haha! I am sure you will get it right very soon. What a sweet hubby that will eat it anyways! My husband would have too if I'd made it! Gotta love those guys!

    I'll look forward to the final recipe...YUM!

  2. lol! Mr. P id blind and has sometimes eaten things that looked similar.
    It sounds delicious. Patti

  3. my husband would dive right in, then if it wasn't good say "it's different". His pat answer for Yuck. Then he'd eat it anyway. I think he's sfraid I'll quit cooking if he didn't!
    I'd try it!
    be sure to post the recipie when you decide it's right, sounds delicious.

  4. That's so sweet that your husband ate the bread and didn't even question it. I admire your experimentation - I don't do much of that in my cooking and should try it more.

  5. Wonderful! My hubby would eat it too! He's a picky eater but has never not eaten anything I've made. God bless him!
    I bet if you called it Incredible Hulk Bread kids would eat it in a second!

  6. What a good husband say's if it doesn't pass the smell test and is a funny green color, it won't make it past his lips:)

  7. My husband would NOT try something like that-I guess he doesn't trust me! ha! Sounds yummy!

  8. I like the way your husband thinks! That's the glass half full if I've ever heard it!

    Now, my dear sweet Mr. Magpie would call it monkey mash (his pet word for my cooking) and say it was another one of my experiments and refuse to eat it. LOL! See what he's missing???


    Sheila :-)

  9. My kids would have ran like the win but my husband, like your's would have sat down and given it a try. Bless his heart. Thanks for sharing.


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