Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Arrived Early at My House!

Valentine's Day is always a conundrum for my dear spouse.

I don't want roses.
It is outrageous the way that florists jack up the prices.
(If you're a florist...sorry...I know you're trying to make money like everyone else.)
Roses don't last very long for me.

It makes me sad when they begin to wilt.
So I usually hang them in the garage to dry before they have an opportunity to nod their little heads.
I have way too many bunches of dried roses.
So, please no roses.

I don't want jewelry.
We do not share the same taste in jewelry.
Nuff said.

I do not want a giant heart shaped box of candy.
This time of the year, I am fighting my lack of will power to lose weight.
I always lose the fight and eat the entire box.
But the
real reason I don't want the box is that I have difficulty throwing these heart boxes away.
I use them to store things I should probably throw, quotes, momentos.
I have too many heart boxes.
So, please no giant heart shaped boxes of candy.

Normally, I can sense that he's having difficulty.
I always tell him to just get me a card.
He's heard too many comedians telling him that I don't mean that.
So, I usually get flowers...a pot of tulips...I love them!
Or a a big box of candy...not heart shaped...yummm!
He's so predictable!

But not this year.
This year he is clearly excited about my gift
Yesterday morning he had to run a few errands.
He told me that I might get a delivery while he was gone.
(Clearly a hint for my lazy self to get out of my p.j.'s and get dressed.)
Then he added that it would not be flowers!
He grinned!
Very peculiar.

A box arrived late yesterday afternoon.
(We got snow. The delivery was late. People in the south can't drive in snow.)
Note the message in the top right corner.
I'm intrigued.
I seriously thought about following the instructions but John was here and since he sent it to me I thought it might be rude...

I had never heard of Shari's Berries so I am thinking they're giant strawberries...
and they are...

but they're giant strawberries covered with incredible chocolate and other lovely things...

They are technically NOT candy.
They did NOT come in a HEART shaped box.
They will NOT wilt and nod little heads making me sad.
There are a full dozen of them.
They ARE perishable
They suggest consuming within 48 hours.
Oh my! A little bit of heaven on earth...

Diet. What diet?
Everyone knows strawberries are good for you!
I love you, John!
You did good!
I will share.
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. These look amazing! What a thoughtful gift. Hubby remembered that I am not into the whole red roses thing either. So he got me lilies, coffee and chocolate. I hope you had a wonderful Valetnines Day!! God bless :)

  2. What a GREAT gift!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you. :)

  3. Ha! Ha! Very nice! I'm fine with all the other stuff as well thanks, but they do look great chocs!

    Love Julieriis

  4. Perfect! :) Now that is a great gift!

  5. What a thoughtful (and handsome) husband you have there Vicki!
    Those berries look so delicious, and just the sweet treat for your sweet self!
    Glad to hear your day was wonderful!

    xox, Daff

  6. Oh yes.. I love those..what a great hubby. If I'm going to get flowers..make them plants for my yard. A rose bush, hydrangea..all is good.

    Enjoy those berries. I had some for Valentine's Day too
    they've been a tradition..since our wedding on 2/13/1993 YUMMY


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