Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter, Trees and Being Real

Winter is a difficult season for me.
I am fine through Christmas and for a few weeks after.
Then I get the winter blues.
I want to hibernate.
Get a bit depressed.
Tend to be less social.
I crave sweets...self-medication for the depression
or sugar addiction from over indulgence during the holidays.
I could go on…but I will spare you.

However, there are some things that I love about winter.
Snow...even though we rarely get that here in NW Georgia.
Snuggling under the comforter on a cold winter night.
Bundling up in winter clothing and going for a walk.
How wonderful it feels to come out of the cold and into a warm and cozy house.
Hot coffee
Hot soup.
Hot cocoa.
And trees.
I love trees in any season.
But in the winter, they stand stripped down, naked and bare in the winter landscape.

We get to see beneath their sheltering leaves.
Sometimes their limbs are gnarled.
Their trunks are bent.
Their past bad experiences are written all over them.
But God lets us see them as they really are…we get to see what they are really all about...
Swaying in the wind against a winter sunset…
Perfectly lovely in spite of or perhaps because of their life flaws.

They remind me of people when they are being real…
When we let others see who we really are…
When we share our imperfections, our battle scars…
When we reveal our past mistakes as a testimony to God’s healing grace.
Then people see us as we really are…they see what we are really all about.
Some will think the reality of who we are is ugly.
But those who see with God’s eyes will find us...
Perfectly lovely in spite of or perhaps because of our life flaws.

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  1. What a perfectly lovely post... so reflective, so honest, and such a pleasure to read! Thanks for sharing.


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