Monday, October 18, 2010

Favorites of the Week - Memories: Yellow and Blue,Sun and Sea

Favorites of the Week(FOTW):  Each Monday I feature a number of items on my FOTW page. I might choose 8 favorites or it could be 28. A portion of those items will be featured on the Home page on Mondays. The favorites for each week will remain on my FOTW page until the following Monday. Hope you enjoy. I'm sure these shopkeepers would love for you to visit their stores and see their other great items! ♥

Today's favorites were inspired by the colors of three of my favorite things: The sea, sun and sand.  These lovely offerings are all handmade and all from Etsy shops.  Enjoy!!

romantic olive mint green rose blossom flower brooch
Romantic Olive Mint Green Rose Blossom Flower Brooch 
From: Aya Wedding  $9.00

Blue and Green Hydrangea
Blue and Green Hydrangea 
From: Laura Trevey  Bright Bold and Beautiful  $67.00

Sweet No. 3
Sweet No. 3
From: Michelle Pryor Art $42.00

Locket necklace vintage antique necklace gold tone-- Little Blue Fox in the Rain -- Original design
Vintage Antique Necklace with Original Design Little Blue Fox in the Rain
From: Birds of Oregon  $24.00

Sea Glass Pendant
From: Mermaid's Tears Jewelry  $28.00

NEW Lovely Bag in Mustard Yellow - everyday purse -
Lovely Bag in Mustard Yellow
From: Bayan Hippo  $29.00


  1. how soft cosy beauties for a warm welcome to fall,
    thank you so much dear Vicki,
    I am glad to be a part of your lovely blog
    best wishes

  2. What a gorgeous collection of favorites! I could not possibly choose one to love best!

    xoxo, Daff

  3. Your appreciation of simple things like color are a blessing.

  4. Beautiful sun and sea-colored items!


  5. Hi Vicki!
    All lovely! My favorites were all of the jewelery! Love Di ♥

  6. It's an honor to be included in this beautiful collection of handcrafted items. I put a link on my FB page. Thank you!!

  7. Very pretty! Thanks so much!! :)

  8. Simply GORGEOUS, Vicki!!!! I LOVE that mustard yellow bag!! Wow!! You have such elegant taste!!! Looks like you've had a crazy week as well...I don't see your fingerprint Friday here...Hope you are well and that it has been a happy, busy week!!! Love you so much!!! Janine XO


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