Friday, October 15, 2010

Fingerprint Friday - Jekyll Island Fire in the Oaks

Fingerprint Friday was started by Beki, at The Rusted Chain. It was inspired by the song by Steven Curtis Chapman that contains the line..."when I look at you, I can see the fingerprints of God." To participate and/or visit all of the blogs that do, go to the Fingerprint Friday Post on Beki's blog and follow the instructions.

I named these first two photos "Fire in the Oaks" because of the flaming orange of the small trees sitting among majestic old oaks, covered in Spanish moss.  These were taken on Jekyll Island last December. Warm days linger long on the island and it always strange seeing this brilliant orange and the green of the oaks scattered about,  while all of the historic "cottages" are dressed in Christmas finery. 

Fire in the Oaks I, Jekyll Island, GA December 2009

Fire in the Oaks II, Jekyll Island, Georgia December 2009

Villa Marianne,  Jekyll Island, Ga. December 2009

I chose these for Fingerprint Friday because I think they illustrate the variety of God's creation: the delicate little trees in their brilliant, orange glory; the mighty, old oaks with their still green leaves and gray moss; the ornamental cabbages with spring like flowers and green lush grass at Villa Marianne-- all  living in harmony in winter, on a sandy, little island off the Georgia coast!  

I shout praises to God for the glory of his creation!  Hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend. 

Links to information on Jekyll Island, Georgia:
June Hall McCash , gives an in depth look at the families that created the historic cottages of Jekyll Island in her book, "The Jekyll Island Cottage Colony."

Jekyll Island  website
Jekyll Island /Revitalization/ Revitalization Sites/Conservation Programs
Support Jekyll Island Development

Visit Jekyll Island from Jessica Malnik on Vimeo.


  1. Gorgeous color! I love it when God paints a picture. Pretty fantastic little "cottages" there, too. LOL

  2. Vicki, these are spectacular!!! And how fun to have the fall color at Christmas!!! I would LOVE that!! AND, that last photo of the Villa? I think you need to paint that! Simply gorgeous! I would love to move in there!!! Ha!!! Happy Friday, dear friend!!! Love you! Janine XO

  3. What a beautiful place, and such an interesting contrast of the "autumn" foliage and Christmas decorations!

  4. Beautiful pictures... a fine tribute to the beauty the Lord has bestowed on us!

  5. Wonderful fire in the young oaks in the contrast background of peaceful greenery of old oaks....a live testimony to the life cycle on this planet.

  6. What a beautiful place to visit Vicki.
    It reminded me of when my grandmother used to winter in Florida every year. When I was a young girl she sent me a Christmas card with Santa in shorts on the beach! I thought that the strangest thing as a young girl!
    Love Di ♥

  7. How beautiful! Gosh, I wish I had those views when I walked out my front door everyday.


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