Sunday, November 7, 2010

Silent Sunday - LOVE

SILENT  SUNDAY:  None of my own words will appear on Silent Sunday, a Bible verse or an interesting quote and one or more photographs will be all you will find here on Silent Sunday.  Every girl needs to keep her mouth shut sometime and we all need to be still and know that He is God. 


  1. Well, I "LOVE" this! :o)

    xoxoxo, Daff

  2. What wonderful Scripture, and what a great description of the Love of God! The calligraphy is exquisite, Vicki. You do such beautiful work.

  3. Hello Vicky !!!!!
    Late to visit and I truly missed the love and divinity outflowing from your blog.I really feel blessed by your blog and need to pay more frequent visits to get your blessings and the fortune.
    Such a wonderful and divine description of love by you through this scripture is sooooooooo true and indeed eternal.Love is uninfluenced,eternal,sovereign,infinite,immutable,holy and gracious.

    Truly said "Hope,Faith and Love sustain life".
    With regards and love,


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