Thursday, January 13, 2011

Window Shopping in Pink and Gray

 The snow has finally melted but the dreary days of winter are still upon us. So, I've been doing some window shopping on Etsy and ArtFire.  One of my favorite color combos is pink and gray. Somber,cool gray with warm, happy pink,,,,sort of a yin and yang thing!  So I went on a shopping excursion to find some beautiful items in pink and gray. Of course, I wanted to share them with you!!!  So here we go....

Pink & Gray Hat for Women and Teens
Pink and Gray Hat for Women and Teens
Isn't this the cutest? If it has to be cold, you might as
well be stylish while being warm! 
Pink & Gray Scarf for Women and Teens
Don't miss this beautiful matching Scarf  for Women and Teens...both
From MattsCraftyWife at ArtFire

Colored Pearl in Textured Sterling Silver Ring- Custom Made
Colored Pearl in Textured in Sterling Silver Ring
I guess sterling qualifies as does to me! Beautiful ring!
From ElseeTee2 at

vintage 1950 ON THE HOUSE platter. Pink and grey Madoc by Shenango China.
Vintage Shenango China Platter
Luncheonette Vintage at
Titanium Rose Gold Inlay Ring or Wedding Band
A Titanium Rose Gold Inlay Ring
Want something different?...This is it.
 I think it is simply beautiful!
From TitaniumKnights at
PDF Pattern - Hand warmers - Fingerless gloves mittens - Pink e Grey
Pattern for this beautiful Hand Warmer.
Do you crochet? Well, who wouldn't want
to try their hand at this!  I'm thinking how great
it goes with Matt's Crafty Wife's hat and scarf!
From  Yoghi911 at
Handmade Bear - Floral Sock Bear
Handmade Floral Sock Bear
Soft, cuddly, beautiful...what else could you want?
From ClareBears at
Hamptons Wedding Invitation Suite with Belly Band -  pink and silver
Hamptons Wedding Invitation
I am a lover of paper and especially beautiful and unusual paper.
If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, check out
this shop. So many beautiful invitations.
From By Invitation Only at

Pink and Gray Minky Dot Baby Girl Bib
Pink and Gray Minky Dot Baby Girl Bib
From Meg Baby Boutique/Meg Originals at
Small Notebook - Blank Pages - Coptic Stitch
Small Notebook with Blank Paper
From Shana's Shop at 
Hope you enjoyed window shopping with me and hope you will visit the shops here and find your own favorites! Have a great day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day...Maybe Snow Week

We are having snow in NW Georgia and it is so beautiful!  Sub freezing temps may turn this into a snow week! We received about 5 inches of the white stuff! Love, love, love it! 
Just a few photos around the farm:

Last night about midnight.

Another one taken last night. Yes, I did ask for the snow!!

Today...Container Garden, Bird Bath have been turned into cupcakes and mushrooms!

Winter Jasmine my harbinger of spring...blooming in January?
This shrub always blooms the first week in February.
Could this mean an early spring?  

Untouched beautiful!

Peaceful, Quiet, Lovely Snow!

Snow "pillows" in rocking chairs...courtesy of the wind. The screened
porch was covered with snow.

Nandina with Snow!

Perhaps I'll venture out a bit more tomorrow. 
Where ever you are tonight, hope you are safe and warm!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Living Your Faith

Sometimes when life is hard we tend to push our faith away; thinking that God doesn't love us or care for us or He wouldn't allow bad things to happen to us. My husband and I are in a difficult financial position right now. We still have debt from our farm that we took out of production in December 2008. Energy costs are what killed our farm and they are still putting a big burden on us. We have been able to keep afloat by cutting expenses everywhere that we can and going back to work, continuing my online shops and renting our tenant house, BUT the rental house is currently empty and savings are rapidly disappearing. We know it was the right decision to take our farm out of production because it was no longer profitable. We know that somehow we will make it through this difficulty and come out on the other side with God's help, but each day is a new day in which our faith is tested.

I cannot say that I have not pushed God away at times during this difficulty, but I can say that I no longer do.  He is very much a part of every minute of every day for me. Without Him in my life, I could not cope with the strain of our finances. Each day seems to bring some new challenge and it is really tough to put one foot in front of the other and march on, when many days I want to curl up into the fetal position and hide from the world.  God is the one who keeps me from doing that and my faith assures me that God is who will carry me through this and to the other side of it.  The key is that I must surrender all to Him so that He can work in my life and I'm not really all that good at letting go of the controls.  I give it all to God and keep taking it back. Some days I wonder if complete and utter financial ruin is what He wants for us. Perhaps that would once and for all make us rely on Him alone. Other days, He assures me that financial ruin is not at all what He wants for us and that in the end we will come out the other side whole and better for the difficulties. That is a hard vision to hold on to but I do hold onto it, because each brick wall that jumps up in front of us is torn down as He finds a way for us.

I know there are many in the world whose difficulties are so much worse than ours and each time I forget that and start to complain, God shows me the riches that I still have and those whose paths are much harder than mine: those who have lost loved ones in what seems to us to be "before their time," those who are suffering from illnesses, those whose paths are more financially difficult than ours, those who are being persecuted for their faith and their beliefs and those whose faith remains steadfast through all of those difficulties.  My name is not Job and I fear that I will never be able to show his patience, but with Christ, I can do all things and in that I rest my burdens. In the suffering of others, I see that my suffering is not so great. In the suffering that He offered up for me out of love, I understand that He loves me eternally and that even though I have failed Him many times, I have nothing to fear because He will never fail me and will walk with me through it all, if I will allow Him to do so.

I don't really like sharing our difficulties with the world but I feel certain it is what He wants me to do today. How can the testimony of how He will ultimately walk us through the valley, be truly beneficial to others, if we only share the mountaintop?  No, I want to set the stage here and now for our deliverance from this financial misery, so that there will be no doubt that to God goes the glory for our deliverance from that misery.  We have already changed so much. We have learned to live without many things that we once thought were essential to our happiness. We now find that we didn't need those things at all. They were nice to have but certainly not essential! Our values have and continue to change. We find great joy in the good things in our lives. Our focus is on Him and not on the world and for that I am so thankful.  I am sure there will be more tough days, but I am also sure that in Him, we will get through it and be better for it.  I look forward to the day when we are out of this valley and are standing on the mountaintop and I will give Him all the praise!

If you are walking through a valley of your own, let me encourage you to let Him walk with you and let Him show you the way to get through it, one day and one mercy at a time. You have no need to be alone, for He is with you and He will always be with you. Let Him ease the burdens of your pain, your loneliness, your financial woes, your loss, your heartbreak, your illnesses. Let Him surround you with His love and His mercy and His comfort and  let Him walk with you through the valley to that place on the mountaintop that He has prepared for you.

The words that the Lord gave to Jeremiah still apply to each of us today. The Lord's plan is to prosper us and not to harm us. The difficulties that we face in this life are to draw us closer to Him and more steadfast in our faith and relationship with Him.  I pray that any of you who are in despair will hold onto these words and know that God meant them for all of us:

Praying  that each of my graceful readers, will seek Him with all of your heart in this new year! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Barn Owl Primitives Giveaway at Little Miss Momma's Blog

Little Miss Momma is hosting a giveaway and the winner will receive a $75.00 shop credit to Barn Owl Primitives!  I love BOP's wonderful typography signs and I'm sure you will too!  Go check it out HERE...there are lots of ways to enter.  Contest ends Monday, January 10, 2011 at 11:59p.m.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogging Blooper - Does Your Family Trust You?

...enough to eat this bread?

This is an update to my original post. Susan at Between Naps on the Porch is having a New Year's Blogging Bloopers party! Did you have any blogging bloopers in 2010?  Join the fun by going here!

Those who know me, know I love to make quick breads....breads without yeast that are sort of like "not too sweet" cake in a loaf banana nut bread for example. The only problem is that I am not satisfied in using tried and true recipes, I am alway tweaking and testing new ingredients. I have been looking for a base recipe for cherry bread but the only one I've found is made with maraschino cherries and they aren't my favorites.

So, I decided to make up my own this morning...cherry, pineapple, pecan bread. The only problem is that it turned out a sort of greenish purple color and fell in the middle. It looks poison, like one of the alien dishes served in Cafe World on Facebook...

I'm pretty sure I know why it ratio of wheat to white flour was off and I know how to fix that but what to do about the color? I think I mixed it too much after I added the cherries...and maybe I should use redder cherries...I used canned dark, sweet bing cherries. If I use redder cherries and then add the pineapple maybe I'll get sort of an orangey color instead of greenish purple... so back to the drawing board.

I must tell you that my husband truly trusts me because he didn't hesitate a second...he dove right in and loved it! He did agree that this was a bread for family...friends might not be that trusting. He also reminded me that this was not a failure, just the first step toward a successful cherry, pineapple bread...I love the way he thinks!

When I get it right, I'll be happy to share the recipe. I'm pretty sure you don't want this one!

Happy New Year Graceful Readers!!!