Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Daily Five Minute Painting - Self-Challenge

I am starting a self-challenge to paint something in 5 minutes every day. Hopefully, I'll stick to it. Need to get back into the habit of painting every day. Here's the one I did today to kick it off. Thanks to Monnie Bean Folk Art for giving permission to use her beautiful photo of this Brown Thrasher (State Bird of Georgia and frequent visitors to my backyard)...I did not do it much justice but 5 minutes isn't much time for an 8x10 . Think I might stick closer to a 5x7 for the rest of the challenge.  

I might give myself a little more time occasionally and hopefully, I will actually paint something that takes more time after the challenge but I want and need to get into the habit of putting aside some time to paint even if it is only 5 minutes.  

If you paint, how about joining in and challenging yourself--maybe five minutes or maybe fifteen. I would love to know if you do. 

Hope you had a great celebration of Independence Day.  



  1. Vicki~ Oh you dear! How nice of you-and what a painting-in only 5 minutes?! I like that idea-I think I'll try it too, as I tend to labor on with my painting, especially learning watercolors-I know I can overdo it, not knowing exactly when to stop. A time frame will give me a boundary. You've captured my friend beautifully! Please show more of your paintings.....

  2. Thank you, Debra! I tend to overdo as well and am a perfectionist which is not a good thing to be when you are trying to produce more painterly work! This exercise should help with that! I am going to share them all--the good, the bad and the ugly! XO

  3. Superb painting! Sadly, I can neither paint nor draw. However, I can appreciate a good, meaningful work. Good Luck with your challenge!

  4. Thank you, Duta, and thank you for dropping by and commenting.


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