Monday, July 11, 2016

Day Six - Five Minute Painting Self Challenge

I am not sure how long this challenge will go on. I guess it will last until the urge to paint something serious or time-consuming strikes me.  For now, this seems to continue to be just what I need. Simple "forced" creativity each day with a little bit of design work on the side, some days. 

Today's painting, "Pink Ranunculus" started with a doodle of some ranunculus (or is ranunculi the plural?)   Anyway,  it started with a doodle in ink and evolved to a very quick and simple painting of pink flowers with some greenery in a blue vase. Probably more of a 3-minute painting, after the doodle was done. But I do like it. It made me smile and it is far from perfect and rather a good composition and is a glimpse of what such an arrangement might leave in your mind's eye. Nicely representational and not overdone.  A keeper. Perhaps I'll find a quote later and add it using Illustrator. We will see. For now, it is done.

Have a lovely Monday. Go outside, do something creative, help someone or sit quietly and reflect. Whatever you do, be intentional with your time.  Time is the one thing we can never get back.



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