Sunday, March 27, 2016

He is risen indeed! Hoping that you and yours have a blessed Easter!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring has Sprung -- A Little

Spring has sprung at our house--at least on the front door!  I saw an adorable little tote wreath for the front door over at My Soulful Home last year and found it again recently on Pinterest. You can check out Kelly's tutorial on how she made hers here.  Anyway, that is where I got the idea for my spring door this year.

Mine is a good bit larger than Kelly's because my tote was larger. This was a free tote that I got from Crossings Book Club when I joined years ago. It seemed like the perfect tote for this project.

I put floral foam in the bottom and added my flowers. The flowers are from Hobby Lobby--on sale at 50% off.!  I only buy faux flowers when they are on sale because they are so expensive otherwise.

 After I added the flowers, I added some Spanish moss to fill up the spaces in between the flowers and made a bow from some ribbon I already had on hand.

Don't these hydrangeas look like the real deal?  

This tote arrangement really works much better than a round wreath for this particular front door because of the long oval insert. 

Spring and Easter are just around the corner even though it has been quite cold here. Sunnier, warmer days are in the forecast and I can't wait!  Hope you are having lovely days, wherever you may be!